June 2015


New Coordinates for a New Image

My work is mainly about the search for new coordinates. I find a visual stance at a certain location. That location is both a place of desire and a real place at the same time. Although it is only one place, it stands for many places. 

Searching for and finding that new place with new coordinates leads to new visual solutions too. 

A surface is a solution for an image. I mark a place, but at the same time I'm also marking a surface. The nothingness of the surface has a color. The nothingness has a color. Next to it is an image. These planes move. 

In the same way that I used to work with superimposition, I now work with placing colors, images and signs next to one another. All that yields the new coordinates I'm after, the new position of the place of desire.

What role does that place play when we are not there? We begin to perceive it. And I record it in my images. 

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