October 2010

Retake – “Modern life, new images”

"Modern life, new images"



'Modern life, new images' are presented by Verena Blank, Eva Brunner, Dorothee Deiss, Mark de Longueville, Oona Eberle, Nadine Ethner, Olle Fischer, Birgit Krause, Claire Laude, Anna Meschiari, Susanne Schneider und Nicole Woischwill. Those 12 freshly produced new pictures on the basis of their own or other inspiring work. Once 'caught in time'-places, people and moods form a pool of pictorial memories and experiences, from which the photographers could now fish latest ideas. In the end, the past meets up with the present. This opposition makes dynamics transparent, so those behind the lens are able to reflect their methods. Meaningful familiar, emotional, moving and stirring, almost forgotten images are discovered again and re-enacted. Inevitable clear structures and thoughts, technical and conceptional finishing touch, are to be seen in the exhibited works. In an almost poetic manner the topic gets the artists to face their inner visions and wishes.

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