May 2013

The Baltic Sea Project (Part I)

"The Smile of Gray"

The wind has sanded down the sky, and fine gray is floating down on all sides. The atmosphere takes on soft, shifting shades of green, blue and red. Lots of good things can be said about the colors of the Baltic Sea, but don’t think the sun made them so faint and bleached out. On the contrary, it just brings this pastel palette to life.

The aesthetics of Romanticism play an integral role in Nadine Ethner’s long-term multimedia project Baltic Sea. The sensory perception that the viewer has while looking at the photographs creates an inner image that condenses into a kind of synthetic perception. We encounter an impressionistic gesture that rests on a large number of singular conceptual nuances. Put another way, Baltic Sea takes the diverse colors of the countries, people and cultures surrounding this small gray-blue sea in the north and puts them into an aesthetic context.

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